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If you make a living from your expertise,
knowledge or wisdom,
I can help you!

I am Eric Levenhagen, founder and creator of the Financial Harmony system.

If you want better control over your financial data to grow your business better, pay less tax, and reach your personal goals

faster like I do, you are in the right place.

I’m Eric Levenhagen, CPA. I have a wonderful wife, 5 kids and 11 grandkids! I love magic, reading, music of all kinds, and professional football.

I have been a CPA for over 12 years and an award-winning tax strategist and profit advisor for 17 years. When you hire me to help you succeed in business, it won't be just another transaction of services - it will be someone who cares about your success as much as you do!

I realize that independent service professionals are struggling to survive in today's world of financial services because the industry was never built for them. My life mission is to help other people achieve their dreams without burnout so they can spend more time enjoying what they do with those that matter most in this world!

My family travels all over the world together as we work towards our goals of financial freedom. We continue to build the life of our dreams and I want to help you do the same.

I see too many professional services business owners get caught up working too much in their business, not having time for their family and loved ones, and not able to leverage their business into a real wealth generation tool. These business owners are not able to have the impact they wanted when they first started their business. Their patients and clients are not getting the best service possible when the owner is distracted, frustrated, and burnt out.


So join me, Eric Levenhagen, on your journey to living the life you deserve, having the impact you want on the world, and building a legacy of knowledge and financial freedom.

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To your success!

Eric Levenghagen

Tax & Financial Strategy Development & Profit Advisor

Eric Levenhagen,

Eric Levenhagen (SAY LEE-Vehn-Hay-Gehn) is the founder of ProWise Financial Consulting and is a business financial consultant who assists business owners across the country with profitability, strategic tax advice and business growth using a comprehensive system called Financial Harmony.

He has more than 17 years of business experience, encompassing work with more
than 300 business owners and entrepreneurs
in a variety of industries.

He is also a bestselling author and speaker on business finance topics.

Eric has a passion for helping businesses succeed financially with his own personal experience gained both in public accounting and working in private industry for multi-million dollar companies, as well as building his own successful service business from the ground up.

Eric has created the Financial Harmony system teaching business owners to create a permanently profitable business that helps them achieve their personal life goals.

Eric conducts training seminars, programs, helping entrepreneurs become more profitable and lower their taxes. He is passionate about speaking to business owners about tactics they can use to build a business that  supports their life.

Eric has volunteered on the board of several non-profit organizations in his area.
He currently serves as the Treasurer for his local Rotary Club and sits on the Rotary
District Board as their Treasurer as well. Eric volunteers his time, money, and knowledge for various causes both locally and around the world.