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Introduction to Profit First Training


Are you a business owner looking to take control of your business's finances and achieve sustainable profitability? 

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An Introduction to Profit First 


Training Description:

Unlock Financial Clarity: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Profit First methodology tailored specifically for business owners. Learn how to manage your business's cash flow with precision, ensuring profitability and financial health.

Implement Profit First Principles: Discover practical strategies to implement the Profit First system in your business. You'll learn how to allocate revenue to essential areas such as salaries, operating expenses, and owner's compensation, all while ensuring consistent profit margins.

Assessment Walkthrough: You'll be guided through the Profit First Assessment and how you can use these insights to immediately begin improving the key profit drivers in your business.

Business Health Assessment
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I’m Eric Levenhagen, CPA.

I have been a CPA for over 12 years and an award-winning tax strategist and profit advisor for 17 years.

As a Profit First Professional Certified Master, I love sharing this material with others so they can experience the benefits for themselves.

Profit First Certified Master

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Are you a business owner looking to take control of your business finances and achieve sustainable profitability? 

Join us for an Introduction to Profit First & Get Cashflow Clarity.

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