You're a professional service provider. A coach, consultant, marketer, creative professional.....

and the overall success of you and your business depends on more than being great at what you do and bringing in sales.  You need to be profitable and efficient.

But not any system will do. You need to make your business permanently profitable so you can actually keep more of your hard-earned income. You need to protect those increased profits from taxes so you never worry about overpaying them or being surprised by the tax man. You need a system to grow real wealth prudently, over time. 

And most of all, you need to do all of this without burning out. So you can get your time and energy back and focus on what truly matters.

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We can help.

The conventional financial services industry is not helping entrepreneurs and service professionals build wealth and fulfill their purpose. Studying outdated reports you don't fully understand. Crunching financial metrics that don't move your business forward. Pouring over spreadsheets and financial data that doesn't help you run your business better.

ProWise Financial Coaching is different.

We help clients keep more of their hard-earned money so they can live the lifestyle they deserve, spend more time with people they love and leave a lasting legacy.

We teach our clients a proven system to drive profits into their business permanently, starting today. But we don't stop there. We help your business become more efficient...maximizing the results you get from your efforts. Then we protect those increased profits and minimize your personal income taxes - legally, ethically, and morally. And we give you the ability to build real wealth prudently over time.

Want to learn how?

Have a look at our About page. Check out our free Facebook community to get to know us better.

And when you're ready, click below to watch a complimentary training about the exact process we use to help our clients stop constantly worrying about their finances, so they can get back to what's truly important in their business and in their life.



HI, I'm Eric Levenhagen, the founder and head coach of ProWise Financial Coaching. The traditional financial services model is broken and holding you back from living your dreams. I can help you fix that and lead a life of entrepreneurial abundance.

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Most of our clients didn't even realize how their current CPA and financial advisors were bleeding their wealth and depleting their bank accounts before they met us.

Are you ready to stop being overworked and underpaid in your business? Ready to start experiencing life on your terms?

We can help.

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