Simple, powerful processes
to reduce your taxes and increase after-tax profits

The ProWise Financial Consulting team helps you improve the financial health of your professional service business with a proven, proprietary process called Financial Harmony.


We advise you by using proactive business, tax, and cash flow solutions combined with a comprehensive approach to your unique circumstances and life goals.

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The Financial Harmony system helps you develop a higher standard of care for your money so you can worry less and focus on serving your patients and clients at the highest level.

We’ll help you develop a proactive game plan to generate tax-free wealth and keep more of your hard-earned money. Stop worrying about your finances and put that energy back into having maximum impact in the lives of your patients and clients.

Are YOU ready for a simpler way to manage your money and reach your goals?

Would you prefer to not stress for hours and hours over whether you’ll be able
to make payroll or pay all of your bills? Are you ready to ditch the complex spreadsheets, stop trying to decipher your financial statements on your own, and get back to spending time doing the things you got into your own business to do in the first place - to serve others and improve their lives?

If you are an independent optometrist, dentist, doctor, chiropractor, therapist, consultant, coach, advisor, or marketer then we can help you.

We have already helped hundreds of people to increase their wealth, improve their lifestyle, have a bigger impact and build and live their legacy.


If you want to reduce your taxes and increase your after-tax profits by $30,000+ per year (even if that seems impossible right now) and be able to:

Be more present for your family and loved ones

Leverage your current behaviors for financial success

Have more clarity about your financial future

Then we can show you how to do it - without doing the tasks you don’t love to do!

You will be able to build a foundation for real wealth accumulation with confidence.

You will have real-time control over your cash flow so you can focus more on what you’re good at and passionate about.

You will beat the IRS at their own game - legally, ethically and morally.

You will be able to have peace of mind about your financial situation and stop letting it distract you from people who need your service and support.

Imagine how you will feel when you realize your financial problems are gone, you have more control over your financial future than ever before, your business is thriving, you have more free time to live on your terms and are able to make a bigger impact on other people’s lives through your service.

AND you will be able to do all of this while experiencing the passion and joy that drove you to start your own business in the first place.

Feel how free you are when you realize you won’t have to be an economic slave to your business for it to be successful.โ€‹

With our proven method you can lay a financial foundation for your business in 90 days or less and learn how to leverage that foundation to accelerate your wealth accumulation.

You know that, at its core, the current financial services system is broken and not helping you reach your goals. Constantly focusing on what has happened in the past.

Leaving you to work more hours to bring in more revenue while your bank accounts keep dwindling downward. Spending away your profits at the end of the year just to save taxes.

Financial Harmony will allow you to leave all of this confusion and conflicting advice behind.

100% Satisfaction

I guarantee that you will reduce your taxes and increase your after-tax profits by at least $30,000 in the first year. If you don’t, then I will work with you at no cost until you do.โ€‹


It may sound crazy to make such a bold statement, but I’m happy to do so because I KNOW that when you engage with us and do the work, you’ll get the results you are looking for.

You have a purpose on this planet. No matter how noble that purpose is, it requires capital to fulfill.

Your PROFITS have to support your PURPOSE.


Promoting a healthier and better lifestyle for your patients and clients and building wealth are parallel processes. The larger your wealth and personal prosperity is, the greater your impact will become.

With our unique approach and abilities, we can instantly identify and understand where the opportunities exist to improve your financial condition. Once we help you lay your financial foundations, we then show you how to leverage our techniques and help you grow your business faster and with intention. Becoming wealthy through your service business does not have to be in conflict with your purpose.


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